A room with a view!

Remember my little flower curtains? I had them hanging up for quite a while. Then I took them down and had nothing on the window for a few weeks…
I wanted new curtains on my windows, but I could not find anything I really liked. So what is the knitter to do? Knit some of course!!!

Here are my new curtains now 🙂
You can style them two different ways, The were fast and easy and I love them!
I don’t have the real curtain rod yet, will go get one tomorrow.
So excuse the bad pictures for now 🙂

 Here is one way of hanging it up. I like this way, but since I made it a bit too short this is the only window (The back door window) it fits on in this way…(adding more rows as we speak)

Over all I like the curtain a lot! Pattern is written, just has to be tested!
What do you think?
My little desert rose still has no “pretty pot”.. that is next, I promise!  
ETA: The curtain as it is now will fit perfectly on my kitchen window! So I decided to make new ones for the living room. Maybe a different pattern??? Who knows 😀

3 thoughts on “A room with a view!

  1. Very nice! I love how you can use it either way. Funny…just this weekend I was looking at a curtain for a small window out of scribble lace. I love scribble lace and was thinking how quick (and pretty) that would be on one of my windows.

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