New project!

Far away from yarn! 😀

I plan on hand sewing it.
The fabric was sent to me by the one, the only, Ms. Fabulousness herself: Killerella on Twitter aka Deanna from Dizzy Little Kingdom! 😀 (check out the giveaway she has going on!!!)
MMmmwwwah Daaaahling! I am pleased as punch with this arrangement! What do you think? And you all, my readers?
Anybody want to stitch along with me? Just find a few squares of fabric and hop on the bandwagon!!!! Not sure about the backing or the binding yet. I will find something maaaahvelous for it! I promise!
Well… off to find my thread!


2 thoughts on “New project!

  1. Quilting. The final frontier. I've never tried it before, though I figure I better learn to sew first!I love the colours in the fabric you have, they compliment each other really well.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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