Without words, but this time with words…

I wanted to post a picture of Mt. Baker for you today. We get to see it on our way to and from the farm where my DS and I volunteer.
It was so beautiful! Sunshine, snow cap on the mountain and the surrounding area in Fall colours! Glorious!!!
Yeah… but the camera was out of battery and DH cellphone (the possessed Droid) was not working either. Cars kept coming and the lane was so narrow, we had to move a few yards out of “shot-distance” to a little “dent” in the side of the road to let the cars pass. Then back up again to try and take the picture. All while figuring out how to make the bloody camera on the phone work.
I have you know: It has taken random pictures of the INSIDE of my purse, but refuses to take a picture when I want it to. Ask me why I think it is possessed…*grumble, mutter*
Long story short: instead of seeing a beautiful picture of Mt. Baker you get to listen to me whine…
Aren’t you glad you stopped by? LOL
I will try and make a nice picture next Thursday. I promise!!!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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