In full bloom

Simple little tutorial for a plant poke. I have cro-tatted the little flowers, but you could use any other technique you like…. 🙂
I also use them as a bookmarks! It’s so cute to see the little flower peek out over the edge of the book. You can shorten the stick to any length you need for pocket books.

This tutorial is for private use only. Please don’t sell them without my written permission. 

You will need:

  • a wooden shishkebab stick (they are bamboo really)
  • a silk flower, or a bit of cotton yarn (I use Paton’s Grace, or crochet cotton, depending on what I have at home, since it only uses a wee little bit)
  • a cro tat needle just a bit smaller then what the yarn calls for (or crochet hook, or what ever tool you need for your chosen technique)
  • a button bead/rhinestone/ribbon/what have you 🙂
  • hot glue (elmers glue, optional)

My flower is made as follows: 

5 = number of double knots
– = picot
x =  connect to corresponding picot of previous petal

First petal: 5-5-5-5
Second – fifth petal: 5×5-5-5
sixth petal: 5×5-5×5
You can make them with only 5 pedals as in the plant poke in the top picture…. 

After you complete the flower you can stiffen it a little by brushing it with white glue. (I use Elmers glue with a little bit of water mixed in) Let it dry. This step is not absolutely necessary, unless your flower ended up being floppy.The ones in my pictures are not treated with glue)

Take the finished flower, put a dab of hot glue on the back and stick it to the shishkebab stick.

 Place a bit of hot glue on the center front and place a bead or any other decoration you may want (how about a rhinestone?) in the center of the flower front.

Tie a bit of ribbon to the stick right underneath the flower.
If you want to use it as a bookmark, I would leave the ribbon off or tie it into a neat, short bow, so it won’t be in the way. You can also clip off the point if it is to be a bookmark. Just use a nail clipper and then “sand” it if you like with a nail file.

Presto! You are done!

You can make them in advance and give them to your friends when they come to borrow a book, or make a couple to stick into flowers you give as a hostess gift, to personalize them a wee bit. Make a bunch and give as a “bucket”, or shorten the sticks a lot (or use a toothpick) and use as buttoner…

I was inspired to write this tutorial by the owner of the big empty field next to my house. He sprayed weedkiller today. When I asked him what he was spraying he was rather evasive and then called me a moron. (I did get out of him that he was spraying RoundUp, though, Trying to tell me it was harmless and had no impact. So why is it killing plants if it has no impact?) I was so sad and angry I was close to crying this morning.
I keep my garden organic and try very hard to make a difference. I teach my children, that we need to work with Nature, not against it. That we need to be responsible for our actions. They may not affect us today or tomorrow, but the bill will come due eventually!

If you make one of these plant pokes, or bookmarks and can afford it, please make a donation to Green Peace, The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra club, WWF, The Audubon Society, Heal the Bay, or any other Environmental Agency or Organization you can think of! Maybe you have a group in your home town and can donate a few volunteer hours instead of money?

This is not just MY earth, it is OURS. We should all take ownership and be responsible to keep it in shape! 


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