YAYY me! It’s my birthday! :D

So for my birthday I wanted an e-reader. I have been looking high and low and compared and researched and what not. I’m not easy to please (contrary to popular believe LOL) I wanted a back-lit (that rules out kindle and nook right there), coloured screen, a way to check in on my twitter peeps and my email, have my music and everything in one place…

I found the Velocity Cruz. It is back lit!
Colour touchscreen, plays all the mayor e-book files, I can download apps, check my email, play my music and youtube and it has WIFI. It came with a case, a cradle, USB cord and charger.
It came,
I saw,
It did nothing it was advertised to do (yeah well after 2 days it finally read all formats of e-books…)
So what to do? We called their customer service center who told us, they are aware of the problems, but can’t do anything about it…. O.O Say what????
          They basically blamed google for this device not working. Ok, so google does not allow their android aps to be downloaded to any other device then phones at the moment. Velocity knew that when manufacturing the Cruz. Don’t you think you should mention this on your website? Instead of trusting that google will change their mind in the foreseeable future? It may or may not happen….
It could have altogether been avoided had they gone with a different OS!
Linux is free…. very uncomplicated… awesome people work on it… (ok I admit: I’m a Linux girl through and through… I don’t think there is anything better out there! BITE ME MICROSOFT!)

I was also told that I have no right to be surprised about it not working as advertised, because the device is still so brand new! I should expect there are still bugs to be ironed out.
Excuse me, but what ever happened to: DON’T SELL IT ‘TILL IT’S READY! ?
(Email me before you buy one of those! I’m happy to tell you in depth what went on!)

After a lot of hmmm-ing and hawww-ing we decided we shall keep it a while longer and give it one more try before I run off and get a nook….

Since I  am to keep it, (and it does have sort of the same dimensions as the nook) I thought it needed a nicer case then it came in.
What to do? I am not about to shell out money for a run of the mill, impersonal case! I plan on toting this thing around everywhere I go, so something I can wash would be nice….
Out came my fabric and sewing machine!
I had a little bag I got at the dollar store. I really liked the pattern on it and you can launder it! Oi! 🙂 I need something nice and fluffy to line it with, so my new e-reader is nice and protected from bumps and bruises! I have an old fleece vest, that no longer fits my DD.. PERFECT!
Here is what I came up with!

Out of this:
Make this
LOVE the buckles!!!! (Reclaimed!) The silver one has rhinestones in it 😀 Ooohhhh fancy! 
Without flash: Can you see the pocket for the headphones and a stylus?

3 thoughts on “YAYY me! It’s my birthday! :D

  1. Well – Happy Birthday anyway! October is a great month to be born in (guess how I know this? 🙂 ) And keep us posted on the ereader saga – I've been thinking about getting one too, but I also want a color one, and I haven't liked anything I've seen (not that there were that many to choose from).-Meg

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