Velocity Cruz ereader- a review

I have an update for you all!
I have looked into other possibilities and not found anything worth while as of yet. My DH has ordered a replacement of my Cruz, since he thought at least some of the problems we had must have stemmed from a defective device (remember? I told you the screen had sort of a discoloration when I turned it on or off?) I was not too sure, if this was going to resolve anything.
The replacement came early this morning.
I have to admit: My DH was right, I was wrong… I’m impatient.. The Cruz is not quite as bad as I thought it was….
Verdict so far: It is handling absolutely different then my first one! O.O I am stunned! It is by far not as stubborn!
It is still not downloading the apps as advertised on their website directly to the device, but we found a way around it.
Here are a few hints to get the Cruz to work for you, without getting too frustrated: (you’re welcome)
If you have a cruz and are wondering how to get apps:
Given you have a phone with the android OS, get the app you want/need to your phone, install.
Back up your phone! This will convert the app into an apk file and you are able to upload that via your SB card to the Cruz!
Yes, a few extra steps, but you can get all the apps you want together and then do it all at once.
When you have this done, it should run smoothly. Keep in mind, you only have to do this once for your set up.
I even found a text to speech app! (it is called MultiReader reader, if you are interested) I am trying it later on tonight….

Landscape view of my desktop, I can use the book covers as wallpaper!

There are two updates already available, go get them as soon as you get the cruz out of the package!
Also: ditch the browser on there and switch to Opera. This seems to work for me. Further, get rid of the music player! We put on Rock Box.
To get all the reader upgrades and apps was so much less hassle this time! They downloaded and installed right away, without any trouble.
I do hope that google approves of the Cruz soon, this should make things much more smooth and consumer friendly. I still stand behind my opinion that they released it a bit premature. It would save a lot of headaches if they just waited until they had the approval, or had gone with a different OS altogether. (I am a bit bummed out that I cannot take the OS off and replace it with Linux…)

My borders Bookshelf at the moment (all free books for now)

Watching videos on it? It works! Depending on the internet connection it might get a little bit choppy, but here at home I had NO PROBLEMS watching things on line! (I should mention we have a business class internet connection. So we are still flying at the worst of times!)
I got act1 player (app) for my videos and it is working first class! I did put the movie directly on the flashdrive in the device. Worked like a charm! It did not seem to slow the Cruz one bit, having the movie on there. DH and I will play around a bit with streaming TV with it the next couple of days. (Private message me to find out how) I will let you know what comes of it.
We got our Cruz through Amazon, so replacing it was not problem at all, but I have heard from a few sources, that the company itself has no trouble with replacing a unit….Not that I think easy return, or replacement is a plus, I rather have you sell a product that has no need of either…but I think in this case it is one less hassle.

The “Night” screen. This way the bright white pages won’t hurt your eyes.

My husband backed everything up to . It’s a free app with a web service. (You will have to sign up to it) Not only does it have a back up of everything on my Cruz right now, but should it get stolen it acts like an alarm. I pattern-lock my reader and when the thief tries to open it, it will start a siren noise that won’t stop unless I turn it off (sort of like a car alarm). It also is an anti-virus, anti-malware. It has a small footprint so it will not take up too much space. It works quite well.
I am not entirely convinced of keeping it yet. I have until November 22 to make up my mind and I am determined to use it like it’s rented before I totally commit. Still grappling with the weight a bit too. (All right, a pound is not drag-your-arm-on-the-floor-heavy, but it is considerable heavier then the nook or the kindle…)
I am also not all the way sold on the shiny screen LOL (Still OC on the wiping and looking for a screen protector. I will let you know when I found one and where)
One more tip: If you use a stylus with the device, try to get one with a rubber tip, rather then the hard plastic ones. The Cruz screen need pressure. I got mine off newegg ($0.50 a pop, but you have to buy 10. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, but you may want to ask a few friends if they want a stylus for Christmas LOL)
All in all:
The setup takes a bit time as of now and is a little bit frustrating even if you know Android OS. If you rather don’t fuss with it, -or are an impatient person like me- you may want to wait a while until all the bugs have been worked out.
If you don’t mind going the extra mile, working around a few corners, or have a great DH/partner to help you with set-up (read: do it for you): I think the Cruz has definite potential.
Once Google approves it, most of the problems I went through are going to be gone (other then hardware problems) So don’t dismiss the Cruz altogether just yet… fine… don’t dismiss the Cruz because of me LOL

The Sony ereader app bookshelf

Happy to hear from you! :)

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