October socks

Attention! Actual knitting content!!! Eeeeek!

After lots of knitting and ripping and re-knitting, broken needles and changing of mind I finally finished my October socks! 😀

Here they are!

Needles: US 2
Pattern: None, just cast on and went for it. Pattern stitch can be found in “Big book of Knitting Stitch Patterns” from Sterling publishing
Yarn: Mystery wool I got from a friend
Nitty gritty: Toe up, can you believe it??? With my own star toe . Sorry about the pics not being all that… it’s raining and I really wanted to get them done. Added another photo today (10/24/10), we had a little sunshine along with the rain!

I think you can see the pattern stitch better here.
I thought a little “fold-over” would look nice… I like it!


2 thoughts on “October socks

  1. man, you are so talented and patient. I don't think I could stomach a pattern like that.. unless of course I had wine…lots of wine…PS, love the background on the blog. Makes me want apple pie.

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