Little things

So, I read Diane’s blog today (you should too, btw…) and saw she was participating in the Raw(e)Little challenge. LOVE Diane’s photo! What a shot!
I’m also a fan of un-edited photos! What can I say? I’m old fashioned. I like pictures the way they come out of the camera….
Bet you didn’t know, I NEVER edit my pics HA! Like that’s not painfully obvious!
Well, I thought, why  not give it a try… and don’t you know, I found something in my camera archives!
Here it is: My little raw(e) Ladybug:

A little bit of summer, right there…
I like the way the light hits the wing cover of the lady bug. I like the colour of the grass seeds….the bit of wall and flaking paint from the shed in the background…the cool summer shade.
Well there you have it. I’m a sap for little things, of captured moments. A lover of Live in all it’s shades of gray.
I’m a fan of RAW.

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