What a weekend!

Oh man! We were busy this weekend! My DH (and the kids and I) was in and out of the ER (since Wednesday morning 4 am) with a kidney stone! It did not want to pass, so they gave him a stent on Friday. Poor thing! The pain came back today, so we went back in again…
He is now home, resting comfortably. I really feel for him! Those things hurt like hell! (I think… I never had one, but having given birth to 3 children without any pain meds, I think I know pain when I see it. Passing something like a pebble through an orifice that was not meant to pass anything but water…I think you don’t have to be an MD to see:  IT HURTS!)

There was lots of waiting around for test results of all kinds (blood, urine, cat-scans etc…) shich means lots of knitting could be accomplished! (I could not hold my hands still, I was very worried about him until we found out it was a stone.. he has had them before, but this one is different in every way…)
Anyway. After I knitted and frogged a sock 4 times (yes I did…) I finally gave up on that yarn and started knitting some hats for the family and one for a friend. I also started a new sock for the #12socks project and got past the heel and still liking it! O.O right?
Here just a few pictures to look at. Hope you like them:

Reversible slouch hat for my DD. She picked the yarn… it has golden thread in it so it sparkles! Very pretty! It looks so cute on her. I suck at taking pictures at night, so they do the hat not justice, or my pretty daughter!
I wrote the pattern and it is being testknitted by the fabulous @BevKnits! 🙂 It should be up shortly!

 Here is my DD in the hat for our friend! How different she looks with this hat on! Blue is our friends’ favourite colour! Hope she will like it!

Anybody remember the big discussion about the wicked Witches socks we had on twitter? Well, I decided I try my hand at knitting the ones we knew the colour of LOL

I also finished a bag in recycled sari silk for DarnGoodYarn! 🙂 I will show it to you a bit closer to when the pattern will get released! 

That was pretty much it already…yeah. Can you believe it? Not much, but hey…
If this post was a bit more rambling and well.. weirder then usual I apologize! I’m really tired from getting up at 4 am and worrying all day… going to take it easy for the rest of this Sunday!
Hope you all are well and happy! Sending hugs to all my peeps!


2 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. I hope your DH passes his stone soon. I had my first and only kidney stone in March. The way I described the pain was that on my 2nd c-section my epidural didn't "take" and the doc starting the incision. Up until the kidney stone, that was the worse pain I had ever experienced. Now I would let someone make that incision gladly if it was a choice between an incision with no anesthesia or another kidney stone.BTW, I love the hats!!

  2. Yup, LOV'N the hats and socks!CONFESSION: I bought yarn two days ago… *sigh* Could not resist. It is a combo of alpaca, cashmere, and (sitting down?) POSSUM! It comes from New Zealand and evidently they have a possum problem…. The owner of the new LSY ( my excuse for pulling in…) said the possum hair is hollow so it has this naturally ability to shed water… Let yah know, thanks to you I have decided to do a hat! Weird weather here dictates warm plus a bit of water resist.Have a great Thanksgiving. Though I have not had time to comment on the blogs I follow, I am always hang'n about reading and lurking!joni

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