Arm warmers

I am making arm warmers for Maryann from Gabriella Designs on Etsy! (go check out her Thanksgiving sale! All the way till Monday! I really love love the little flower hair clips she has! I will get some for myself! :D)
She picked a purple yarn for them. I love this purple!!! Everyday in the Deborah Norville collection in Aubergine! Suuuuuuper soft and just such a gorgeous shade of purple!

I have started knitting this afternoon and really love the way they are coming together. Sadly the pattern stitch I picked (called flight of the bumble bee) is not working out in this yarn. I have no idea why…. I have knitted it before and it always was so cute…..
Here is a shot of it, but it’s back to the drawing board for now until I can figure out why it is not coming out in this yarn….I’m thinking cables instead….

ETA: Here is a picture of the current standings 🙂 I like it lots! I hope Maryann will like it too!

The colour is off in these pictures, but you can see the cable I am using 🙂


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