Well, this socks…and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Knitting and ripping and re-knitting seems to be the way it goes lately..
I am knitting on my December socks and just can’t seem to like what I do.
Here is how far I got by last Thursday:

 I’m a wee bit further now.
Not sure if I’m in love with it. And this is the 4th or so attempt at it! O.O

Sadly I have nothing more to show for now… I’ll let you know when I get any further 🙂
I know there has been only sporadic updates here on my blog lately… it all has to do with our health. It’s not all that great at the moment. My DH is still down with his kidney stones (he got the stent out on the first and the stone removed, but is still in pain) and the kids and I caught a great big cold! Yayyy! Right? 🙂 So between ginger tea, onion syrup and cold meds I’m in such a fog it’s almost funny! LOL
It will get better again. I promise to update more when I feel better!
Until then feast your eyes on the most awesomest (yes, it’s a word! Since right now!) necklace ever!
@Killerella made it for me! Just because! Yes! She did! She is cool like that!

I absolutely adore this necklace! It’s snow withe with apple! it came out of the envelope and straight on my neck! that’s where it stays! LOVE IT! Deanna: you are the sweetest! mmmmmwah!


7 thoughts on “Well, this socks…and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. For some reason the sock looks better now in this photo than the one I commented on before.. sometimes the 4th time is the charm! Your pendant is lovely!! You have great craft friends! 🙂

  2. Oh, no!!I'm sorry everyone's been so ill!!((rifles around in hoilday bag))All, I've got is some Health and Happiness in here….I'll give it to you, I hope that's alright!

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