Why you should not knit after midnight :)

I finished my December socks late last night. Well.. almost finished them. I wanted skulls right and left on the top. Oh.. that’s right.. haven’t told you… opted out of the lacy look and went for Roller Derby instead. 🙂 Long story… 
Anyway. I finished the knitting part last night and started to stitch on the skull. Well it was late and I was tired and… enough excuses?
I mixed up the markers I left myself to center the skulls on the sides and it ended up in the back, instead of on the sides of the sock. 
But not centered in the back. 
Noooo that would be just too convenient! It was just ever so slightly off.
Now I have to rip those stitches out and re do it.
HOWEVER, I do like it in the back now better then on the sides! 🙂
Here are some pictures for you to see, then I’m off to start on the second one to complete the pair. 
 LOVE the way it looks and they fit perfectly! 
See, how it’s not exactly centered?
Bummer but it’s fixable! 🙂
Well? What do you think?

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