First victim found

We have the first hand made sock victim extracted from the new washer/dryer. 😦

My son tried to put it on last night, so it is stretched back a little.. it was tinier then that when it came out. It was a total accident! Thankfully it’s just the one. I have enough yarn to knit a second one to match again…
The culprits?  Here they are! I love them so!

On  a happier note. Check out last nights handmade bread:

We had it with some beef stew. (I had to put up a happy picture. I was close to crying looking at my poor and favorite sock!)


2 thoughts on “First victim found

  1. Aw the poor sock! I'd be devastated. Good job you have enough to make another one!Oh and thanks for giving me the late night munchies, with your delish bread and stew! Mmm. Perfect for this yucky cold snowy weather we're having here.

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