My friend Nicole

I met Nicole a while ago through twitter. Right away we hit it off. She is the funniest and sweetest person ever! You have to go meet her!

You have to also go and check out her shop Darn Good Yarn! She has one of the best selections of Fair Trade Sari Silk Yarns and organic natural fibers I have seen in a long time! Oh so lovely! I regularly drool over her website.
The yarn is hand spun by womans co-ops in India and Nepal. No sweat shops! Little farming communities that supplement the non-growing season with this income.

A few weeks ago she told me it was so much work to keep it all going and I said, well if you ever need help, let me know. I work for yarn….
This last weened I got an email, if I was still interested!
Am I????
So I have been helping her with setting her etsy store back up! Go and check it out!!! 

I had so much fun doing this! Nicole liked it too so I will be helping her some more! YAYYYY! How great is that?
You really really have to check out her store, not only because I helped, but because it is an awesome selection.

Now you know I usually don’t “sell” things. I do feel strongly about what Nicole offers in her store tho, and that is why there will be from now on a link to it in my sidebar. I really think she offers great quality, the price is right as well and how great is it to know that your purchase is helping a fellow human being, a fellow woman, making a better life for herself and her family?

So from here on out, you will get updates on my blog about sales on her webiste or in her etsy store as well…. just thought I let you know. (Not super often, but ya know… one wants to pass on a good thing! 😉 )

I will put up a few pics of my absolut favorites (names under the pic).

 Kaleidoscope (banana fiber)
These pictures were all taken by Nicole! I could never take great shots like that… but you all know that, you are used to my crappy photography by now… I love that none of you ever complain! LOL
 Bonfire (sari ribbon yarn)
Organic Hemp and Nettle yarn
 All iced up (banana fiber)

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