January socks

The first sock of this pair was at the heel when I last worked on it. Then I put it away until late today. I finally said I really should finish these January socks.
Said it, popped on my headphones and an audio-book and started working. I would have been glad just to finish the first sock today…. I knitted away.
Once the first sock was done however, the book was far from finished and I was really enjoying it so far (not so much the voice reading it and the inflections it gave the characters, but the story was quite neat).

I thought: let me just cast on the second and finish the toe today.
The toe was done in no time…. well I figured, the further I can get to day the less I have to knit tomorrow… let me get to the heel… by the time I realized it, the heel was turned and I was on to knit the shaft. Before I knew it I was binding off!

I think this was my personal best. For socks in a womans’ size 7/7.5 .
These socks are for my daughter. She picked short ones, since she prefers them for around the house. Of course that helped tremendously to get them done quickly! LOL
Well, here they are now: January socks done and over with…

Pattern: obviously just straight up k2p2…not much to it…
Yarn: Red Heats Heart and sole in mellow stripe (it has aloe in it and my fingers are a bit itchy now, since I am a little allergic to aloe, but  not terribly)
Needles: US size 2
Well, six down, six more to go!
Anyway, moving on. Now I am uninhibited to get my cardigan done! WOOT! 😀


Happy to hear from you! :)

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