A little something you did not know about me

I always loved to write stories when I was in school. I haven’t done so in quite a few years.. but I love to make up characters for my stories…
When I find a list or a promt to make up characters (usually in the Roll playing groups across the web) I can’t help myself but fill it out…..

I thought maybe I should share them with you all. It would be a giggle, maybe. So here goes.. one of the more recent Characters: (list found in a group on Shelfari by my daughter, who shamelessly promotes this habit in me!!!!) 
Name: Bubba Hamilton
age: 46
Hair color: gray,  sticking up like a mad scientists (and it usually has a lollipop stuck in it somewhere, grape flavor, since it’s his fave)
Eye color: bright blue with black flecks
Height: 7 foot 20 inches
Weight/skin color: 220lbs, greenish tint
Personality: super funny and sweet
Family: yes, he is the crazy uncle that gives the kids too many sweets and sends them home to their parents all hopped up on sugar
Friends: obviously
Hobbies: Blowing bubbles, growing tomatoes, because he likes the scent, collecting cat’s footprints on velum paper
Other: I would totally love to meet this person! It seems you could have a ton of fun with Bubba! Oh and he wears black, horn-rimmed glasses with lenses the size of coke-bottle bottoms! When he was young, he used to be a logger, but then his eyes got bad from reading in the dark forest without a flashlight.


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