Not that you think…

… I have been lazy. Far from it. I knitted these:

 Three times. (yeah, the math thing I mentioned earlier… *sigh*) They are very traditional Bavarian socks. Called “Wadlstruempf” They have the foot part separate. I still have to make the foot part…
DH wanted them in Cotton, so cotton I used, but they are sliding, so I am going to knit them again in more traditional wool. (And put elastic in these!)

I am also still knitting on this:

 My cardigan. I am now down, past the raglan and will start the body this afternoon.

My DPN’s finally came too! I only had to wait 2 Months! LOL I ordered them well BEFORE Christmas! 

I don’t really use the very big ones, but they are good to have, just in case!…

Then there was laundry and cooking and library visits as well.. and there goes my week. 🙂 Plodding along! 
So, now you are all caught up!


5 thoughts on “Not that you think…

  1. Beautiful quilt. As for the leg warmers…ummm socks…nice detail work. Germany is credited for making socks…guess that was how they got around the ankle was two pieces……don't take my word on that though…I'm just guessing. Anyway you can save the project or are you gonna have to frog?

  2. LOL We do have "full" socks as well… I am not sure why those were created, but they are very traditional to short "Lederhosen" in Bavaria (Southern Germany)I will post pictures when they are all done (in wool) The second part of those particular socks will have to wait until I get two more skeins of that cotton yarn :)Peepla: I can fix them by just threading some elastic in the ribbing on the WS.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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