Check out the awesomeness!!!!

So we are having a wee bit of trouble with our mail delivery lately.
The mailman, that had this rout for 12+ years has given it up and we don’t have a “regular” one as of yet. The replacements drop off mail as they see fit… Most houses here aren’t getting their mail lately.
Today one of our neighbors stopped by to ask if we had the same experience, which we told her we had. So she went and spoke to the Post office and lo and behold! The postman rang 3 times today! Once with letters, once with a magazine for hubby and once with a package for MEEEEEEE! 

In said package was pure awesomeness!! Check it out!
A cute little cushion with a pear on it!
 (see how well it fits with my couch/bed and my fave. lavender filled cow-stuffy?)

My sweet Twitter-peep Ariane from Falling Stitches Blog and Falling Stitches Etsy shop and I had made a trade. (I was a bad, bad Llama and took forever to ship hers out. *hangs head in shame*)
I spun some yarn and she made me this wonderful, one of a kind, hand-sewn pillow!!! I used to have one like it (only in red) when I was a little girl!!!


And if you think that was all, think again! She also put in this hand-sewn DPN roll-up case as a surprise!!! Yeah! She did!  I told you AWESOMENESS!

I am so in love with it!!! I think it is so pretty and it totally has my very fave colours! I can’t stop looking at it. I put all my brand new DPN’s right in it! (petting the prettie as I write this. LOL)

Ariane: I absolutely love love love what you sent!

I decided against showing you what my DPN’s used to be housed in, since I cannot provide the necessary bleach to wash out your eyes after. What has once been seen, cannot be unseen!!! You can thank me later!


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