My dog, Sokrates. Love-able, hug-able, cute.

7 thoughts on “Cuteness

  1. Yup, that is his blanket 🙂 He loves blankets and he also loves to wear his favorite striped T-shirt. Sadly it is slowly falling apart.. I need to get a picture of him in it before I have to toss it out 😀 But he usually does not let me photograph him.

  2. LOL yes his name is Sokrates! DH said we should call him Spartan, because he does not have much fur….but he reminded me of a gray-haired, old man… Sokrates was it. (also he has fur around his feet like socks, plus I love to knit socks and when he was little he used to chase after feet in handknitted socks… it was perfect! :D)

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