Too much! Too much?

I have -at the moment- three projects on my needles.. My Cardigan, a sari ribbon project and one in mercerized cotton yarn (lace, yum)
I hate that. I like to do it one by one….
I know, lots of knitters have a few projects going at any given time. It helps them keep up their creativity and their knitting mojo, not to needle on the same thing day after day. It’s different for me.

I like to savor every project for it’s own qualities and challenges. Really devote my undivided attention to it. I loose my mojo, if there are too many projects waiting to be finished. I knit on one thing and feel bad about neglecting the other. It really hampers my creativity as well. Towards the end of every project, when it is clear this is how it will end up being (my projects morph a lot once on the needles), when it is down to the finish line, I like to dream about what’s next. With a bunch of things going on at once, I don’t have that luxury. I have to concentrate to keep each project “straight” not all over sudden knit one idea into the wrong thing 😀
It is also a question of available needle space. I only have each size of needles once. Only some of my Circulars I have two sets of, but then one set is a super short 24 inches, so not really fitting for bigger projects. My favorite size needles, size US3’s, I have two sets of, but ONLY two sets… One Addi turbo set and the second one is my much hated Chrystal palace bamboo set. I hate knitting with that one though and only use it when there is an absolute need to knit two projects on size 3’s at once…

Another reason for me is the time it takes to complete 3 projects (or how ever many) at once. I can knit one project much faster, if I only knit on it, than if I have three going and have to divide my time among them. I do enjoy the “journey” of creation, but I do want to see the end as well. I don’t like to dwell forever on a project, when the next challenge is just around the corner. 

Every now and then of course, it is hard to avoid an overload. Specially if you have deadline-knitting going on. In General though I keep to my only-one-at-a-time rule and am blissfully happy with it.

How do you all handle this problem? 
Do you even give it a second though? 
What number of WIP’s is your limit to have, if you have a limit? 
How do you handle the needle question? 
Do you have multiple sets in each size? 
How long do you usually knit on your projects? 
Do you mind that it will take you longer to knit that jacket/the hat/the scarf, if you simultaneously knit on socks/mittens/a pullover?

Of course these question can be answered by non knitters too! You seamstresses may like to work on multiple projects as well, or are you a stitcher?
Let me know your thoughts on this…

 I leave you pondering… and this picture:


One thought on “Too much! Too much?

  1. I think my limit is 3, just the same as books I am reading (where I haveone at my bedside, one oin my handbag and one in the sitting room!) I don't have too much trouble with needles, I hav emy mother's and mother-in-laws sets now. In fact my problem is too many sixe 3-4mm with every size in betweenI love you blog (BTW think the picture is a rag rug) and I have chosen it for a Stylish Blogger Award and you can read all about it at

Happy to hear from you! :)

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