Sylish blogger award!

Oh boy! I am taken by surprise by this!
Thank you Catherine! What a sweet surprise to wake up to this morning! I really love reading your blog (I know I don’t comment nearly enough… sorry) but I really love it and enjoy looking at your projects!

I got the stylish blogger award! 😀
I still can’t really wrap my mind around it…

Ok. With great honors come great responsibilities!
I don’t only get to show you a nice picture, but I have to fulfill certain obligations that come along with being awarded…

A.) Thank the person who gave you the award.
I have said it before, but it bears repeating: Thank you Catherine, for bestowing this upon me 🙂

B.) Tell you seven things you didn’t know about me. I wonder if I can come up with seven….

1) I’m allergic to fish (Nothing life threatening, but it does make me ill)
2) I like pickled herring.. and I eat it, although it makes me sick
3) I have worked an entire summer planting trees at a tree farm when I was a teenager. It was loads of fun and helped the environment as well (and if you haven’t planted the one tree everyone should plant in their lives: I got you covered!)
4) I like polyphonic music from the 1400’s
5) I prefer white gold and silver over yellow gold.
6) The only piece of jewelery I never take off is my wedding band. I have actually two of them. One simple gold band (the one I always wear) and one that is engraved with the scripture of Ruth,”Where ever you go I shall follow.” I wear that one on special occasions. It is super thick and sterling silver.
7) I’m on the brink of insanity… no, not really.. seven… seven… hmmmm.. OH! When I eat and I get close to being really stuffed I always say: “Oh, this is just the best thing I ever had!!!” I have no idea why I do this. I didn’t even know I did, until my husband pointed it out to me. A year after we got married. That’s how long it took him to figure it out LOL…. 😀

Sorry, I could not think of anything more interesting…. 🙂

C.)Now I have to name 15 blogger to present with this award.. Hmmmm tough choice. I don’t read that many blogs.
Here goes:
1: Roe, from Yes, Honey Chile I just love her blog. And roe! She is so funny at times! 
2. my friend Nicole, from Darn Good Yarn (her video posts crack me up!)
3. Bean from Adrift in Crafts I have known her for quite a while now and am glad that she is blogging again (and podcasting as well!!!)
4. my friend Karen from Karen’s Needlework Karen is a super nice person! And so talented!!!
5. Ariane, from Falling Stitches Great knit blogger!!! And really sweet person!
6. Sinead, from knit inc. Fun person I know from twitter
7. Lucy, from Attic 24 I ADORE the colours! 
8. Stephanie, from Crafty Addiction oh yeah! Don’t you just love that pillow she has just finished???
9. the Dutch sisters, from the Dutch sisters  Awesome blog!
10. Ellen, from Seelenruhig Just a really great and stylish blog!
11. Deanna from Dizzy little Kingdom . Love ya sweety!!!!!

These are all the ones I can think of at the moment… I know a bunch of my follwers have really really great blogs and I would love to nominate all of you!
Please if you have never gotten an award and really would like one: Feel yourself nominated! I know there are tons of bloggers out there who deserve an award for keeping us all in stitches, well informed, or just plain gasping and drooling over great photos!
You are all awesome in my book! 😀

On a related note: I usually don’t do awards and memes or tags… but I was really really happy about this one. Since it came from Catherine. I think her blog is absolutely wonderful and the pictures and her projects shows she has such great taste and her picking my little corner of the blogworld has really touched me.
Thank you again, sweety!


2 thoughts on “Sylish blogger award!

  1. How lovely of you to give me such a ringing endorsement. These things are a bit like chain letters (which I always guiltily ignore) but are good for finding new blogs to visit. I don't think I have visited any of the blogs you list so I am in for a treatxx C

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