Make your own! Envelope tutorial

Here it is! The promised tutorial to make your own envelopes!
You will need:

  • an envelope
  • paper (old magazine pages, calender pages, pages out of photography books, children’s books, interesting advertisements, Maps, sheet-music etc, anything interesting you can find that would fit an envelope. )
  • Scissors
  • glue (Make sure it is paper glue. I have tried different glue sticks and some came undone after drying)
  • a straight edge

How to: 
Get your Envelope and carefully open up the “seams” until you have one flat piece of paper. If you can get your hands on a “good” envelope that’s great. They tend to be a bit more stable then the cheapo kind. It’s easier to open them up and they stand up to being used as a template a bit better.
You could trace the opened envelope on a bit of light cardboard, so you will have a bit more substantial template. Try different size envelopes and different styles!

Now take the paper you picked for your handmade envelope and trace the opened store bought one on to it.
Then cut out the shape. 
Check on the bought envelope how it was folded and use the straight edge to make the same folds.Make sure you are folding it toward the side facing you , that you DON’T want on the outside of the envelope!
Glue the two edges that you opened in the bought envelope. 
You can make your own lickable glue if you like. Recipe here.
Have fun making envelopes! 😀

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