Trial and errors

So, I did not listen to myself and cast on yet another project.
I could have predicted the outcome of last nights knitting session without looking. It came to naught, of course. I had my thoughts not really in the sock I cast on. However.
I did have this idea for a long stocking I wanted to make. I cast on and thought… this looks oddly familiar….

A quick google search brought me ’round to this:

A free 1930’s handknitted stocking pattern! I knew I had seen this before! LOL
I was wondering why I didn’t have the link in my collection already…
These are knitted on two needles (not something I want to do) and they have moss stitch panels (which I found out last night I don’t like).
I will still knit stockings with eyelet stripes, because I think they are absolutely darling, but not these 🙂
I think I will instead implement the pattern-stitch I started in this attmept:
Or something similar to it….
I did want to share the free pattern with the rest of my vintage knits fanatics and fellow sock-addicts though 🙂 
HAVE AT IT PEEPS and let me see some pictures!

One thought on “Trial and errors

  1. I would love to have a go at this pattern, though I'm not sure about having a back seam either. I have checked out the blog where the patern is posted so may just save it in favourites and thing a bit…

Happy to hear from you! :)

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