I want to be a farmer!

So this Bridgett moment (DH made that term up) started off with us standing in line at the Grocery store.. Just the two of us. I love being with DH by myself.
Anyway, the line was long and slow. I noticed a balloon that reminded me of an ant. God-knows-why, since it was a “Dora-Balloon”, but I digress. The “ant” in turn reminded me to tell DH that I wanted an ant-farm. I added: “I always wanted to be a farmer…”
*Odd look from Cashier, knowing smile from DH*
DH’s only comment was -he never really tells me no to anything, so I’m getting ants but: that he is not looking forward to picking them out of the sugar, when they escape.
AHA! But it is all in the eye of the beholder, is it not?
Of course in my mind I immediately had a picture and of course I had to comment on the visual I just got. I told him it could be fun. He could be a hunter…. I would even get him the little orange vest and hat….”You can accessorize!! (he likes to put outfits together, he admits to being very vain) I argued: “Sure, it’s not big game, but it’s a hunt non the less…”
Cashier and DH exchange glances at this point…
I had it all set up with hunting parties and hounds and all and proceeded to tell him about it.
I had an entire industry springing up around ant-farming/hunting.
It all ended with DH telling me he has no ambitions to become a hunter, big game or otherwise. Dreamkiller!!!!

It is very dangerous to leave me alone with my thoughts for too long without anything to do. My mind wanders off into the wild blue yonder very easily. DH thinks it’s what keeps me sane…

He also says it amuses him to watch me go ’round the bend.
He thinks it’s his private entertainment. Sometimes he finds himself caught up in it and has no idea how I involved him in these strange wanderings of my mind. “I feel like the guy getting stuck making sure the light goes off in the fridge when you close the door!” he explains it….


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