So I cast on for a pair of socks for me. 🙂 Cannot be without socks on the needles, can I?
Anyway, while knitting on the last pair I thought this pattern would be really cute in two colours! Said and done. I picked black mystery wool  and a variegated green merino from my stash (stashbustin’ baby!). I think it will be so cute!!!
I had to play around with the pattern stitch a bit, since the needles are smaller (knitting this on size US1’s instead of 4’s as the previous yarn called for) and the stitch-count is of course different because of it. But I wanted to use up this yarn for such a long time and I really rather like to knit socks on size 1’s.

At the moment the emerging pattern rather reminds me of a turtle shell for some reason…
Check it out LOL:

Cant wait to have them done! Simple slip stitch pattern! Fun to knit and fun to look at! Off to knit a bit more on them! At this point I’m not sure if they are going to be knee-highs or longer… I guess I will stop when I am sick of the pattern LOL we will see when that is…

Started turning the heel

DH saw it and thought they looked so cool. He was contemplating hijacking my socks LOL. I was lucky that the next pair he wants *need* to have skulls in them, or else these would have been charmed right off my feet 😀
(Thankfully my feet are much smaller then DH and they will not fit him anyway)


5 thoughts on “Turtles?

  1. Love the color combination! I think pink and brown would look really pretty together too. If I did have so many projects going on I would cast on a pair but I've run out of needles…hmmm I think I have a knitting problem LOL 😉

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