Personalized Lessons with Full Custom Knitting!

Hello peeps!

I am now offering personalized knitting lessons! Want to learn how to knit something? (how about a sock?), need some help figuring out a vintage pattern, or just have a problem with the project you are working on..

I can help! Online, or in person! 

1 hour of personalized assistance or teaching just for you! Or for you and a friend  online ($40) (group prices are available for physical lessons)

Please send me an email to reserve the time that would best suit you (any time except Mondays) and state if you like to learn something new or have a problem with a project.
I am available for “emergencies” or “quick questions” as well. ($15/ 15 min if it takes longer then 30 min I will give you the hour price, so it won’t get too expensive.)

Looking forward to working with you! 😀


Happy to hear from you! :)

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