stashbusting baby!

Picture heavy post!!!
I have decided not to buy any more new yarn until I have worked my way through EVERYTHING I have here at home!*
insert determined face here
To start this task off right I will take pictures of my stash. Then I can cross off what I have used up. That way you guys can see,  how far I am along and keep me on track!
*(Private stash only! Work stash is not included in this. )

Here are the pictures for you to see. I will try and figure out how to put them in the sidebar as well so they can stay “up” at all times for easy access.
(I did not make pics of the leftovers I have in a bag in order to make a blanket out of)

The white and neutrals
 The browns and greens
the blues
 The black and grays
the pinks, reds and purples (forgot a few little ones here)
Latest charity project yarn: diagonal garter blanket from acrylic scraps for ASPCA

The give-away-pile:
The yarns were all on cones and rather heavy, so after calculating the shipping amount for a few of them I decided it was just too much. So I donated them to a good cause.


3 thoughts on “stashbusting baby!

  1. I love the way you grouped your stash together in colours. I must do that. It gives you a great sense of what you have, and also what colours you tend to buy most of. I have so much stash it's ridiculous. I might just join you in your stashbusting efforts!

  2. It's a great idea and I really must bust my stash a bit, but then I think – what if I need just a little bit of something? An emergency hat or pair of bootees???Hmmm

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