Alive, but under the weather

I’m still here and knitting away on some socks. I have yet to pick my cardigan back up after frogging it all the way down.

I am not feeling well these last few days. Headaches. Loads of them.
Plus, I got an irritation on the left side of my mouth.It is almost like it got burned. It hurts tremendously when my tongue hits it, or when I swallow. I have a suspicion it was triggered by a medicated lotion I got for the skin on my face. Every time I applied it my mouth seemed to feel worse. First I did not think it possible, since the creme was for the OUTSIDE of my cheeks, and nothing ever got into my mouth, but I discontinued using it and my mouth is healing… so I figure that was it. It is by far not healing fast enough though….
Anyway, half my mouth is out of  order and I am living on painkillers and soup for now. The painkillers in turn make me very sleepy and are not good for my tummy… oh it’s an evil cycle LOL
I am sure I will be back up and running in no time and then you will get pictures of the new pairs of socks (two pairs!, but not mine…) and hopefully by then my turtle socks will be done too. They did take a bit of a backseat, so I can get the other two pair done by next week. (shooting for Wednesday, but it all depends on how I feel)

So, this is it for now, just wanted to give you a bit of an update on why it is so quite around here….
Hope all of you are well and happy! Stay safe and warm!


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