Knitters are the best!!!!

So.. I ordered some of the cutest stitch-markers ever from @fal00la on twitter! (so worth an #FF)
I am telling you (not asking…. TELLING!!!): You have to go and check out her etsy store!!! She has some of the most fun stitch-markers! No knitter should be without!

I bought the sugar skull set from her and it came today! WOOT WOOT!! Right?
Yes, BUT….
Oh was I surprised when I opened the package and not one, but two(!) little packages fell out… my Sugar skulls!!!

Hmmm…. what is this?
I opened the other one and OMG!!!
I got a Cleaver set as well!!!! (Dude! There is a waiting list for the Cleaver set!!!)

@sillygirlsarah (also utterly #FF worthy!!!) sent me the cleaver set as a thank you for helping her with knitting socks! (There was not much for me to do! She is a natural and caught on super fast!)

THANK YOU SARAH! You crazy girl you! I love love love the Cleavers!!! and of course my sugar skulls! On to using them on the socks I am knitting now! 😀 (right after I take a nap)

Mmmmmmmwah Daahlings! You both are such talented and sweet people and I feel so fortunate to knowing both of you ladies!
This really made my day! You have no idea how happy you two made me!

2 thoughts on “Knitters are the best!!!!

  1. You were like "Cleavers!" and I was like PSSST FAL00L Can I buy them and send them even though you don't have them up on etsy yet…. and thus, they are with you now. In a good home 🙂

  2. I am SO happy you're happy 😀 I'm also way glad it worked out that you opened the cleavers second! :)!!! You're awesome, and that's why people go out of their way to show their gratitude! ❤ xox

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