Setting goals

I like to set my self goals. I like to work towards accomplishing it and I get a real kick out of surpassing it!

I decided a nice goal for this year would be to knit a hat a week for charity. (last year I totally sucked and only got 4 hats done!)
Today week 12 started already, so I have 11 hats to work up and then go from there. My goal is to have 52 (+) done by November, so I can donate them in the cold season to the homeless shelter, or a charity in need of it.

I just cast on for the first hat today. I want it to be a slouch hat like I made for my daughter. The yarn is bright yellow acrylic. So cheerful! I do hope it will brighten someones day and keep a head toasty warm next winter! (see my snazzy  new stitch marker?)
I will post pictures as I progress so you guys can keep an eye on me!

Anybody up to join me? 

2 thoughts on “Setting goals

  1. Well I dont know about 52 hats but I could do a couple 😉 and besides its a great way to use up all that extra yarn that's been getting in my way (hate to get rid of it- might need it). Now if I could just get all the UFO's I have started done then we would be in business! LOL.

  2. Sounds like a worthy challenge and cause, just your style! I don't think I have the crafting stamina/attention span to keep up with you though. Good luck! I see you're already using the new stitchmarkers too. 😉

Happy to hear from you! :)

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