Permission update!

In light of starting my own Custom knitting company, I have to make some changes.  
I DO NOT allow commercial use of my patterns anymore. If I find you selling my designs without my permission, or without giving me credit, I will point you out and give you a very angry stare! (you will also be asked to cease and desist….and I get unfriendly from there)
ONLY EXCEPTION: Use for charity. You are still allowed to make and sell products made from my patterns for a charitable cause!
I did give a few people permission and that still stands fast! So no worries. 
Since this change is going to come sudden for some people, I will give you until October 31st 2011 to sell what you have already made from my patterns. If I find out you are selling anything after this time frame has elapsed I will not be a very nice person to be around. 

Don’t say I didn’t let you know! ;D

My family tells me I don’t have to feel bad about this change, but I do.. I feel like a big fat meanie! (won’t change anything on the changes though ;D )


Happy to hear from you! :)

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