Meanwhile back at the Ranch

So I was making lunch and thinking of all the work I did yesterday in the yard to get the house looking more like spring.
My budget is rather tight (read: non-existent) and does not allow me to run out and buy new decorations, so I have to put the old noodle to work….

I put out the old chair from last year (found for free at the side of the road), I planted a little tulip from the flower-beet into a pot to put up front with the chair and I bought the little squirrel figure from the Thrift-store also last year. (It used to be stuck in a tree in the backyard 😀 )

It all was coming together. I wrestled the climbing rose into submission and tacked it up. The bird cage, that graced the front stairs over the Holiday season is now hung in a tree in the back, looking cute! I am still looking for a solar powered light string to put in it.

So, now that it all is coming together I was thinking I need a new wreath for the door. What to do?
AH! The neighbors have this beautiful, big willow tree in the yard and a few branches hang into mine. She told me to just cut them off, but I really, really love the way they look when the wind gently sways them. Now I’m glad I did. I went and cut off a few twigs and wound them into a wreath. Then got out my sock yarn leftovers and got to crocheting a few flowers and for good measure I put a few origami Cranes on the wreath as well and a butterfly.

I topped it off with a bit of Sari ribbon yarn and voila! I love it! 🙂

Looks inviting enough, I think 🙂 

The little pillow on the chair is made from straw and has a little embroidery of tulips in the middle.

 I got 4 of those from our adopted Grandma last year and they come in handy now 😀


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile back at the Ranch

  1. Very inviting! I think I need to make a wreath…I have only some pear trees though and just trimmed them back in the fall so will have to wait until they grow a little bit more. I wonder if I could use some cuttings from my boxwoods out front?

  2. Thank you guys! 🙂 Denise!!! I would LOVE to have a boxwood wreath! I had one years ago and they look so smashing even when dried! You can keep them forever! I like to hang them inside the house though 🙂

Happy to hear from you! :)

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