So we got it all the way up to $17!!! I’m thrilled! I am donating the amount as we speak to the red cross!
Thanks to everyone that helped me make this possible!

You guys ROCK!

In further news: I am without internet for a while. I’m not sure when I will be back online, but my shop will go in vacation mode and the blog will be quiet for a while. Just check back now and then, I am going to try and update every now and then through the library or some other place (the bookstore?)
I am up to 10 hats in my 52 hat quest! WOOT WOOT!
Pictures will come in a future update! Got another pair of socks done and am working on my green ones for a while.
So that is that for now!
Will miss you all terribly!
See you on the other side!


4 thoughts on “Donation

  1. So glad you made it up to $17! and I got one hat done 😦 should have been more but working on some other things right now. As I have leftovers from the things I'm doing I'm making hats! Who are you donating yours to? Have a nice break from blog land you deserve it!!!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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