Hey! I’m back! WOOT WOOT!
Right now I’m on the family network, but I will get my own little 4G hotspot in a few days and then my connection will be flying! Yeah!

I was not lazy these last few days without the internets. I got lots of reading done, made some dandelion pasta, avocado soup and vegetable dumplings. Sooooo yummy!!!!
I also got some knitting time in! 😀
I made socks!
For my DS and me I made some “leftover socks”. I had a wee bit leftover of various sock yarns and made them into striped socks for him and me…

Then I made a pair of socks for my DH. I made him a pair like this 6 years ago and he loved them. Sadly the washer ate one sock of that pair and so he requested a new pair from me. Nothing would make me happier! So here is the new pair. I charted the skull myself back then.. if you like to have the chart, just email me (it’s very non-professional LOL but it works…). My DD wants a pair just like it (only the skull has to be pink) and those are the ones I’m knitting on now…

I also made a pair for a friend of ours. DH said her fave colour is blue (turns out it is red-orange…) She still liked the socks though.
I love the way they came out and HAVE to make myself some like these…

what do you all think?

 All the socks have been knitted with out patterns.

Want to know some of the other shenanigans that went on around here whilst without the entertainment of TV or internet? Your wish is my command….
DS is always ready to get us giggling around here… once as “Patrolman Pete”

and then he was a “bluesBrother” he even invented a song, when my DD complained she had to use the facilities, but Dad was hogging them…we only have one bathroom in the house….

Check out the song here:

My daughter made some mixed media art.. I loved it so much, I framed it  and hung it in the living room.

Ok.. so now you are all up to speed 🙂
Talk to you soon with new sock pics!


3 thoughts on “*waves*

  1. Hee! Glad to see you're back in the swing of things.. I adore those blue socks, and the striped ones too. You have such a lucky family, always getting your handknit goodness.:)

  2. Welcome back! I was only thinking about you yesterday! Spooky. Haven't you been busy during your break! So many socks! I love the leftover ones, I have piles of leftover scraps from other socks that I must use up. But the blue socks are just adorable. I really love the cable up the side. Verrry nice.Your kids are great! Love the picture and the blues brothers song! 😀

Happy to hear from you! :)

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