We interrupt your scheduled programming for the following, shamlessly selfpromoting announcement:
I have a new listing in my shop! 
Woot woot! 😀 

You can now get the chart for the little skully there! Not the pattern for the socks mind you! ONLY the chart!

If you are an intermediate sock knitter you can easily figure out how to knit the sock and how to knit the skully in the heelflap for yourself. I am working on the pattern (or the “how to’s”, but it may take some time)

I have a few custom knitting orders to fulfill and I also am hatching another project, but I shall not tell what that is for now… you will see one day. When it is ready to fly the coop….

Until then be it ‘nough said that I will be a super busy bee, even in my sleep LOL


Happy to hear from you! :)

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