As you all know, I started a new pair of socks. Well, after lots of measuring and fiddling and ripping back because I did not like something or other I am finally at the toe of the first sock. The second one will go much faster, since I made extensive notes LOL
Anyway, I tried it on just now, to do a last check before starting to decrease every row and finish off the toe. My Husband walked in from the kitchen, stopped dead in his tracks and stared.

He: “WOW, those are NICE!!!”
Me *blushing, and in my best southern accent: “Why thank you, kind sir!”

He asked me who they were for, so I told him that they were for my shop, but I liked them so much, now they are for me…
Hmmmm, he says… I think now I want some like that, but if they are for you, then I take the next pair. (gotta love a guy that keeps you knitting)
I told him he can have this pair, since I had a feeling I wanted mine a bit more snug and this just wasn’t it, but I didn’t want to rip back.
We tried them on his legs and lo and behold they fit even better on him then on me! All I have to do is rip out the started toe and add a few inches to the foot and presto!
Here are a couple of pictures to show you how well they fit him:



And yes, that is a hand knitted sock on the other foot, too! I had to fix the heel on that pair already. He wore them so often, they wore out!!! O.O
Tomorrow I finish the foot and the toe and then on to the second. I have a plan for the next pair already (just a fast no-show size pair) then a pair like these for me :D, then one for the shop! Thank goodness my stash is the size it is! Looooots of nice yarn for socks like these! WOOT WOOT

Sock on my peeps!

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