Feast your eyes!

The socks are done! I nearly ran out of yarn in the end too! It was  a race between me knitting and the end of the yarn coming closer! LOL As if I could outrun the inevitable by knitting faster, I always get into a break-neck-speed when the end of the skein threatens!
Alas, I made it and they are on the feet they belong!

Happy as a clam!

Here now some pictures of my DH in his new socks!

DH was asking if I could make a bit more manly pictures.. teheheeee…. flowers and squirrels are apparently not manly! ROFL
Well… fine then.. here you go! 🙂

Done and done! On to the next project! 
I have been asked for the pattern for these and I am writing on it. It will take a while though! Will keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Feast your eyes!

  1. Wow those are really manly (I would have said pretty but didnt want your man to get upset LOL). Love them! My DH loves bright colors but plain knitting so am making him some really bright socks right now, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange. He loves to wear them to work.

  2. YAYYY for husbands that love handknitted socks! 🙂 I bet your DH would love the Kiwi socks! I got the yarn for it from my friend Nicole's shop! Check it out she might still have some!

  3. My DH looks slightly nervous when he sees me knitting socks and I have to reassure him that they are for me (or anyone but him!)SHame, but I have decided to knit socks for my dad instead

Happy to hear from you! :)

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