Taking scissors to your knitting!

The faint of heart I beg to look away!

As you all know, the socks for my DH just got done! What you don’t know is, that I made the second sock 10 stitches smaller in the ribbing. Yes, I did. Because DH likes them tight on top, so they don’t slide.
Well, the first sock was already done all the way to the toe when we decided they were for him. NO WAY am I going to rip all that work back! So I finished it and knitted the second sock, knowing I can fix the first one later.

Since knitting looks the same right side up, as it does upside down, it stands to reason, that the stitches will be “Live” in either direction if you rip back. They are!

Said and done. I Picked up the first sock, and took scissors to it.
I cut the ribbing off! Yes I did indeed! (I got the idea to blog this undertaking after I had it already started so no pictures of the cutting, sorry)

Clip clap and off it came! If you do such a thing,  make sure you cut about one row above where you want to start knitting again! That way you can rip one row back and have a yarn tail to sew in!

So you cut it all off, that will leave you with “Live” stitches. Put these live stitches right back onto your needles BEFORE picking out the short bits of yarn. These short bits secure the stitches from running down! 🙂

 Then clean out all the bits and “Straighten” the stitches on the needles (I just “grab” them with my needles not caring if I get them on right way round or not. I rather make sure they don’t “run” and straighten them out as I go when I knit them)

Now that you have all the stitches back on your needles. Unravel the bit you just cut off (it’s what I had to do, since I ran out of yarn), or just add new yarn and knit back up (with the decreases or increases or what have you that you wanted changed)

 Your knitting should look like this:
Knit back up:
Bind off
and I dare you to tell the difference!
(Note the Man-approved manly shot!!! :P)

So you see. Taking scissors to your knitting doesn’t have to be intimidating or destructive and is not solely reserved for steeks! Make sock,s or sleeves longer that way, (or shorter if need be) add a bit more to knitted anything on any side you wish, without unraveling the whole shebang.

Give it a try some day!
If you thought I was kidding about running out of yarn… Here is what I am left with:

3 thoughts on “Taking scissors to your knitting!

  1. My mother used to do this to lengthen our sweaters when we were children. We always had hand knitted cardigans and sweaters and my mother would always buy an extra ball of yarn to use later. The only difference was she would not cut right accross but cut a single thread and pull it out stitch by stitch

  2. Oh I feel faint. And I've even cut my knitting before.I'm glad you didn't have a pic of the cutting, that would have been just too graphic.:-DNice job.

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