I have been working on things… Things I cannot show you pictures of as of yet, but soon. I can tell you though: I made a sari silk bag! 🙂
Yup… not another pair of socks!
I know!!!
The world did not come to an end. 😀

I am casting on for a pair for me here pretty soon though. Doing the preliminary math right now and already selected the pattern stitch I am going to use (LACE this time, so they will not be claimed by DH again LOL although he already is talking about his next pair.. LOVE THAT MAN!!!!)

There are two other projects to finish (nope, no pictures of those either for now) before I can actually get going on them though. With any luck I should be casting on this coming weekend though if the weather stays rainy. yayyy! LOL

I will keep you posted and I will show pictures as soon as I can! 🙂


One thought on “Stuff

  1. Ooh secret projects! Love it. Can't wait to see the sari silk bag! And I think lace socks is a good idea, that way hubby probably won't nab them for himself. 🙂

Happy to hear from you! :)

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