all projects are on hold

hand spun-by-me merino blend yarn 😀

A co-worker is having a brand new grand-baby in a few weeks. She is a knitter herself and makes the cutest little hats, baby shoes and has already knitted sweaters for the baby. i also know that she is getting a few baby blankets. So what to knit.
I have been thinking and thinking. Finally I came up with a nice lace shawl for breastfeeding! I am a big BIG BIG supporter for breastfeeding (did it for all three of my kids and did not care if someone was offended! GET OVER IT! IT’S THE BEST THING FOR THE BABY!!!!) I did however have a blanket, that I sort of draped over myself when I breastfed in public. Don’t have to let it all hang out ya know…
So Anyway. I figured this is rather a personal gift and may come off the wrong way, so I asked the proud Grandma today.

She looked at me and said: You know what I really would like? And I said: What? She answered: Some tiny socks!

I was really really flattered!! 🙂 (see me blushing?)

WOOT WOOT! I love to knit socks!

So all of my other projects are on hold as of 4 pm today and baby socks found their way onto my needles! I cannot wait to get the first pair done!
I raided my stash for some cute girl-y sock yarn (yes, they know what it will be, very helpful to a knitter I say! 😀 A woot for modern technology!)
As always I am winging it. No patterns, just cast on and go where the yarn takes me!
I will keep you all up to date with pictures as soon as I have something to show!

Got to love friends, no? They always know what makes me happy! 😀


2 thoughts on “all projects are on hold

  1. Baby socks and shoes are so sweet and make such great gifts (big oooh factor) But I love your idea of a breast feeding shawl. I too breast fed all my 4 till they were over 6 months and my daughter is doing the same for her babies. One day (long time ago now) I was feeding the youngest in a restaurant (ideal place with high backed booths) when a small child came up to me and asked why my baby had his head up my jersey

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