Since the sun came out…

This in itself is a rare thing, so I had to use the occasion and ran outside to “wash my sheep”. (having just written about needing to do so LOL)

1 Fleece
1 tub
hot water
wool wash (hair-shampoo if you run out of wool wash, which frequently happens to me)

Combine hot water, wool wash and sheep. Let sit for a while (until water is cold) REFRAIN from giving in to the urge to agitate.
Strain sheep from water, rinse with water of the same temperature as the first wash has now after sitting for a while.
Lay out to dry in sunshine.

Semi-clean sheep and really dirty water!

Wow! TWO blog-posts today! 🙂 I’m catching up!


2 thoughts on “Since the sun came out…

  1. Wow you'll be one very busy lady! I also have lots to do this week and am so dreading some of it. I'm a little confused about rinsing the fleece. I was under the impression that if you wait til the water is cold it'll be hard to get the lanolin off, as whatever didn't separate from the fleece will have hardened back onto it.. Hmmm. I did try to gently swirl the shetland I had several years ago, while the water was still warm enough to keep the lanolin loose but not too hot to burn me or felt the fiber. Apparently I did felt it. No wonder it was so hard to spin. 😦

  2. Well I didn't want all the lanolin out of the wool. I mostly just wanted the dirt and some of the smell out of it. It still smells of sheep but some of the "Sheep smells" are gone if you know what I mean ;)I will wash it again after spinning. I really really didn't want it to felt. I also didn't wait until it was all cold… just cold-er. Read: I can stick my hand in it without it melting off LOL I started test-carding just a bit this morning to see and it is coming out sooooo fluffy! YAYYY!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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