The kids and I are helping a friends kid with his geography lesson (through post cards) I thought this was a great opportunity to have my  kids do some research on the history of Washington State.
They came up with quite a few facts. The kids picked 11 they thought were interesting to write in a little letter we wrote to send.

While they were researching, I was indulging my “artsy” side. I drew an Orca in a native American art style. I adore native American and Inuit art! Just love the way it looks! So I jumped at the opportunity to try my hand at it. Here is my Orca now for your inspection:
Be kind, it’s my first one. DH wants it as a tattoo now!

I’m liking it.. I might just draw more! I never realize how much I miss drawing/painting until I do it again after a long while….

Orcas are said to be the guardian of the ocean! They symbolize longevity and romance since they are believed to mate for life. It is said that if fishermen ever injure a killer whale, it will capsize the canoe sinking the fishermen to the Village of the Whales. It is here where the fishermen will be transformed into Orcas themselves. Killer whales near the shore are said to be humans who were transformed trying to communicate with their previous human families ashore. Others believe that killer whales are reincarnations of deceased native chiefs.

  I love Orcas! I think they are breathtakingly beautiful creatures!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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