My sweet readers! The “sock pages” are going up live tomorrow (July 29, 2011) on the Blooming sisters blog! 😀
Please go and check it out!
Have you ever wanted to design your own sock, but didn’t quite know where to start? Here is your guide coming up! I will add tips for fixing mistakes on the fly, reinforcing heels and toes, and mending socks at the end.
Every Friday, for the next couple weeks, there will be a new part up for you to read. Tips for “Free range sock knitting!” Make YOUR own sock, the way YOU like it! Use whatever textures you like. Pick and choose and make the next sock totally “yours” by creating your own pattern for it!
Go check it out and leave me a comment over there! I will answer questions! WOOT WOOT! Let go of the patterns! Jump off that edge and dive right in to

I hope to see you all there!

One thought on “SOCK PAGES!

  1. Liebe Spinndiva,ich habe Dir den Kreativ Blogger Award 'verpasst', weil ich Deine Arbeit bewundere und so schön finde (und da spricht auch etwas Neid mit :D)Ich hoffe, dass Du Dich freust!Alles Liebe aus der Alpenrepublik,Janine

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