Fingertip towel and where I chat.

Just love it! I will have to get more of this cotton.. (I have decided cotton to be exempt from the “only handspun yarn” next year, since I HATE spinning it! .. hmmm that could be a new challenge all together…spin cotton… I will keep it in mind after next years challenge is over with LOL)

The colours are a bit “washed out” in this picture, they are really a “green apple” green and violet.

I also thought I let you know where I sit when we chat on G+ or FB or twitter…
Right here:

My poor chair is getting old and well loved… I got it at the thrift store for a whopping $1.99!!! Is it any wonder I love it so much? I am in the process of covering it. Not sure yet if I should do it in crochet, or in a new fabric.. so I am living with the crochet for a while to see how it feels…
The little squares on the wall are pincushions. The top one is a vintage one in black and red with an Edelweiss flower on it.  I got it at a garage sale. The Edelweiss is a Bavarian flower, so I had to have it!

The other two were made by friends for me! One has a Dandelion on it

and the other one is covered in hand-stitching!

My yarn is handy right next to me. I took it out of “Geoffrey’s drawers (Kids named our chest of drawers….) and put it visible right there. I love it. Yes those are milk crates until I find a shelf worthy of my yarn AND my living room. (read: big enough to hold everything, halfway decent looking and free LOL)
Incidentally that is all that is left of my stash! Once I am through that I am done! I haven’t bought any yarn since January and have used up everything I had bought/was given to me. I am rather proud of that! It was two big drawers full, plus a big box in the garage! (I thought I had a picture of the giant box, but I don’t) I did get “working yarn, but that doesn’t count to my personal stash and is all gone as well but 3 balls of banana fibre!
My spinning is over here right now (opposite me)

And the finished yarn is awaiting the setting of the twist right here (sorry for the bad pic, but the window is in the way LOL)

Ok now you know! Where do you craft/chat/hang out?

3 thoughts on “Fingertip towel and where I chat.

  1. I love the colors in your room! So cozy looking!Not sure about crochet to cover a crafting chair though–I drop stitch markers and dpns all the time and would lose them…

  2. I move between my bedroom and the living room. The lazy in me wishes I could have two power cords so I wouldn't have to lug it back and forth. 😉 Of course, I also knit wherever I can take my knitting with me. Parks, bus and train rides..

  3. Jen, it would be a slip cover if I make it crochet, so I can take it off and wash…so I could find what I drop LOLBean, my living room is my bedroom at the moment LOL and yes, my knitting goes everywhere with me, or my drop spindles when I still had some.. got to get my collection back together.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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