socks and more socks

I am knitting! On socks! For the tutorial! I even made another pair of anklets to show how to do a heelflap heel. Guess who’s getting that pair? Yes, DH.. he is really loving this tutorail, since he benefits from it so greatly! LOL
This pair is just plain white.
I broke my glasses and can’t see the dark wool so well without. So until I get new ones I will have to have a special evening project in lighter coloured wool! I cast on for a scarf for that reason! It is going to get done tonight I’m sure! I only have a few more yards left of the yarn! Woot woot!
Here a little preview of it! I’m really liking it!

I found the stitchpattern in my book and right away thought of a scarf! Will post pictures of the finished thing after blocking!
So that’s it for now! 🙂
What are you all up to?

And just because..a picture of my dog “Socks” (Sokrates)!

One thought on “socks and more socks

  1. Just finishing up the second sock for me! The pattern is one I probably will not do again mainly because I have a habit of laying things down and then forgetting about them…old age is creeping ever so softly about me…LOL.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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