I has made a bath poof!!!

A bit christmas-y but hey! It was free!


Yeah. I have too much time on my hands and a weakness for recycling….

You will need:

  • Produce net bags -WASHED in hot soapy water!  (or any other net, or mesh fabric. Tulle… or the likes maybe?)
  • Yarn needle and some twine, or yarn, or any  kind of thick-ish string you have on hand
  • I guess you could do this on a sewing machine, but it’s really not worth the trouble in my eyes. I have to go and get it all set up and then put it all away…nope, do it by hand took all of 10 minutes once I had it figured out!

First you will need to save all your lemon-, onion-, and any other produce nets you can get your hands on. I volunteer at the Food Bank, so it’s not a problem for me to get larger quantities 😀 Maybe you want to give volunteering a shot?

Raw material!

Anyway. I used 9 or so for this one! The more nets you have the poofy-er it will get!
So. Cut all the tags off . I cut the ends open too, next time I won’t do that. it’s nice to have them a bit contained LOL. ONLY leave the ends on if they are the melted together kind! If they have one of those metal staples CUT IT OFF!

Lay them out in a starburst pattern like so:

If you have made Pom Pom bows for presents before, you know where this is going 🙂

Take the upper most strip, tie a bit of twine, or yarn around the middle of the strip (I used acrylic yarn, since I had it right there in front of me) and poke your needle once through the strip. Now take the other strips one by one, fold to find the middle and thread them on the yarn (Just poke your needle through approximately the centre point! Not brain surgery here… just eyeball it)

Once they are all threaded up it should look like this:

Then take one of the ends that are sticking out in the starburst and thread your needle through it. Go a few times up and down so the entire end is threaded. Push it down on the thread until it meets up with the centre of the starburst. Do this for all the remaining ends.

Weave in the tail of your thread. I had a bit of net left over, so I sewed it over the top where I threaded all the ends together. Makes it look nicer. You can totally use a bit of fabric or  felt!

Now fan out all the little nets as much as you can and stick them a bit in and around each other.

I made a cord to hang it from. And presto! Bath poof!

Neat, Huh? 🙂

I mostly had green and red nets this time, but there are tons of white ones out there and yellow! 🙂 Or maybe even other colours I don’t know of!

If produce nets are not your thing, or it would just take too long to collect them, you can totally go and see if you can find some other nesh-fabric, cut it in strips and proceed through the steps!  🙂
Happy bathing!


5 thoughts on “BEHOLD!

  1. This is awesome! Always something creative and useful from you. Thank you for this! I’m not sure I want to wait for all the produce bags, I don’t really get them since I buy from the farmer market, so I will be using tulle! I have some left from the girls’ graduation dresses!

    • In summer it’s easy to get produce without bags LOL 🙂

      I just brought some home from volunteering. We get stuff donated from Grocery stores and the bags get removed by us, so we can separate the produce that has gone bad. 🙂 Tulle or any other mesh-y fabric would totally work for this 🙂 Hugs!

      • Well.. I *think* it might work LOL I haven’t tried it with tulle…. 😀

        Since I am sitting at the “well of net-bags” so to speak ROFL. I also use those mesh bags for pot scrubbers.
        Sometimes just like that. Make a square knot in one, or hold a few together and use that as your scrubber, or I sew them over an existing dishrag… Just fan them out, stick the rag inside the tube and sew around the edges, presto! 🙂 I got a tutorial somewhere on here for that! I won a prize for that idea actually! WOOT WOOT! 😀
        DON’T put the dishrag with the netbag sewn over it in the dryer though! Ask how I found out!!! LOL

Happy to hear from you! :)

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