Heads up my scrap-booking readers! Review and GIVEAWAY ahead!

I have always liked the idea of scrap-booking! Have checked out Stores when ever I had the time. Now with digital scrap-booking around I read more and more blogs on it and checked out different websites and their tips and tricks for photo editing etc. I do edit my photos with my GIMP, but that is as far as I have gotten…. (well ok.. so I only edit them when I do something with them, like make banners, or headers, or buttons… so there.. I’m “tout naturel” otherwise, specially on my blog, as you know if you have been reading for a while..ROFL)

I haven’t had the time to really dive into scrap-booking yet. All I did so far was brows a few websites and blogs  and was in awe of all the wonderful designs and templates out there! I really really wanted to play so badly with some of those things, but you know how it goes….So many things that have to come first! Plus I really didn’t have the cash to buy the software…

Lately I have been taking more pictures and my thoughts returned again to scrap-booking. Digital would be fun! I have to research it more! So imagine my surprise when my thoughts were read by Liz, from Mymemories.com! One morning I found an email in my inbox asking if I would like to host a giveaway on my blog? She sent me a link to their software download so I could try it out and make up my mind. WOULD I???? OF COURSE!

So I went and checked it out. Mymemories.com  was one of the websites I stumbled across on my many meanderings. I remembered I liked lots of their page designs…

I downloaded both the windows and the Mac version of the digital scrapbooking software, so I could give you a detailed account of both. Ok I have to say it: I run Linux/ubuntu on my laptop and am always super sad that nobody puts out software for us! We are out there…. We craft…. yes some of us know how to write code and make our own programs, but not all of us do and it would be nice to just be able to get some software for once that is compatible…end of rant….

This is the one I got

DH installed the software for me on his windows machine and I got out his mac and did the same. Our Mac is not new… it’s slow… so it took a while to install it, but that was entirely OUR fault, not the programs… Once it was installed I tried it out right away. I always try and see how easy something is to figure out without actually going through reading all the tutorials and help and hints that come with a new piece of software. Instructions are for WIMPS!!! (which does not mean you shouldn’t read the instructions.. I am sure it will tell you lots of fun things I discovered “by accident”) So I clicked right through the help screens and went to work. Oh boy was it fun! It was super easy to figure out! I like that in a program.

This is one of the designer album pages! I took it straight from the box! No changes made other then adding pics and writing...

Once I had the album picked out I wanted to use, all I had to do was figure out what pictures I want in it. Simple click and “open” and it was added to the page! There are tons of  cute little add ons and decorations for the pages. You can change the picture itself just like you would in your photo editing program (I use gimp) Make it into a negative, emboss it, change from colour to sepia or b&w, etc. It was so much fun to play around with it, I didn’t realise it was 1 am in no time! Red-eye removal, cropping everything all in one place! Love it!

I also tried to do my own page layout. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!! My gosh! Another two hours flew by in the blink of an eye! I had such fun! Everything you need is right there in a sidebar, just click and a drop down menu will open to show you the choices you have. For example: you can choose from given phrases to use on your page, or do your own journaling. Change the font to exactly what you want, change the colour,  change the size until you have the look you want. Add drop shadows in one click! then close that menu and move on to adding decoration. Or another picture on a given page? no problem! It’s all just a few clicks away!

For my first page layout I chose just to do a design without a photo. (Although you can add the space for the pictures really easy by just selecting it form the menu. It will appear on your page and you just drag it to where you want it on the page, make it bigger, smaller, or rotate it.) Tons of fonts to choose from and scroll-work designs, bows,snowflakes, as well as other decorations that already come with the initial software. I really like that the program gives you quite a few choices right off the bat. This way you can get really “down and dirty” and make some sweet things for yourself without having to buy upgrades right away! Don’t let me keep you in suspense. Here is the first ever digital scrapbook page layout I made on the Mac:

Tried it and it worked first time round!!!!

I ADORE the quick add feature! You just select an album you like (or make one yourself if you have the inspiration) then select the pictures you want added and WHOOOSH! It adds the pictures to the album for you and adds extra pages as needed! All you have to do is sit back and watch. You can put writing later of course and change the pictures around a bit, or edit them if you wish. I just had it add the pictures to this album and left it as is.

To make it into movies you will need an extra download. But they give it to registered users for free, so no worries….no extra costs! I’m still playing around with the movie thingy. Not quite happy with how it plays…. but it will come in time!

I also totally love the share feature! It lets you either make jpgs of your finished pages, share an entire album, make a movie, calendar, or burn to dvd (or get it iPod ready on your mac) It can also take you directly to the page where you can make it into a photo book for your coffee table! 🙂 I like “all-in-one-click” options!

I know that my photos will no longer linger on the memory-cards, or folders on my desktop. Also: You guys will SO profit from this! You get to see nicer pictures from now on here on my blog! YAYYY!

The ONE thing I did not like about this software was that I had to use the mac for all of this.. I am NOT a fan of the Apple! I can use my Dh windows machine of course. It’s easer to get a budget through congress then to grab 5 minutes on his laptop LOL. I also am not a friend to the “evil Empire” aka Microsoft. 😀 I really would love to have this program linux compatible! But that is SERIOUSLY THE ONLY GRIPE I have with it all.

MyMemories.com is also rather generous with their free templates. Four pages of them! I am sure you will find a bunch you want to try out. (Yes, I have to check out the free stuff, I’m on a budget! And really if a company is not stingy with it, it does make me want to go and support them by buying from them as well…)

They also have an online photo book creator service! I have not tried it out, but it does look like fun! I can imagine that to be a really great present for the grandparents! (It is getting to be that time of year again!!!)

So to sum it all up:

Product: My Memory suite 2, digital scrap-booking software
Overall appearance 5 (I really like the look of it. Everything neatly organised and a very clean interface! I appreciate having everything within one click!)
Ease of use 5 (1= need a degree in software engineering to use it, 5= so easy a caveman could do it)
Price/Value comparison 5 (You really get a lot for your buck and the initial price of $39.97 is not too hard to come up with)
Would I use it again? 5 (DEFINITELY! I wish they had one for Linux, then I would probably be constantly playing with it. I am actually considering to make my laptop a dual boot for this program. I like it THAT much! O.O)
Compatibility 2 out of 3 since they have Mac and windows but no Linux. YES, I’m mentioning it again… maybe repetition will bring me results!
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Overall rating 17 out of 18 points.

I know by now your fingers are itching to try it for yourself! So why don’t I give you the particulars for the giveaway? You get the chance to win a download of My-Memory-Suite 2.0 for yourself!

All right.. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, since there is no shipping involved. It starts today (9/24/2011) and will stay open for entries for two weeks until 10/07/2011. To give everybody ample time to enter and complete the steps to get all 6 entries.

Random.org will determine the winner 🙂

You  get up to 7 entries, please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry! 🙂

You get ONE entry for completing each of the following steps: (please please leave one comment PER action! I need you to do that! I will enter the finished number of comments into random.org and let it decide who wins. So, if you only have one comment for all those steps then I will only count it once…. )

Good! You are all set! Now go forth, have fun checking out their website! Don’t forget to come back here and enter the giveaway!


Now, if you don’t like waiting, you can go directly to MyMymories.com and get the program there right away. I do have a coupon for you for $10 off the software and $10 off your order in their store.  Just copy paste this code: STMMMS11944 (I do get paid if you use it.. just thought I should mention that. I’m all about being up front and honest with you guys…)


13 thoughts on “Heads up my scrap-booking readers! Review and GIVEAWAY ahead!

  1. This is a wonderful giveaway!!!! My daughter would absolutely love this as a Xmas gift!!! Thank you for all the info. I have ‘liked’ it, subscribed to your blog, ‘liked’ your facebook, tweeted this post and here is my comment…going on to the Website to check this out now.
    Thanks again…..Wonderful review…..it has me sold!!!! 🙂

    Slave To My Needles

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