What is the strangest thing you ever spun?

Notice I said thing… not fibre…  people are spinning some funky stuff these days. LOL ;D

Until two days ago my answer would have been cotton. Now there! I hear you say: That’s not so unusual! And you would be right, except for two things:

  1. My cotton came from a little cosmetic cotton ball. The stuff “normal” people take make-up off with, or use with facial toner etc…I had one lying around the house and put it in my pocket for some reason. (we were moving at the time. I probably found it while packing and instead of tossing a perfectly good ball of cotton, stuck it in my pocket)
  2. The second reason this was not “usual” spinning cotton was: I spun it on a paper clip. Also from my jeans pocket.

I was bored. I had nothing to occupy myself with. It was in a hotel room right after the move and all my spindles/wheel/rest of stash was still packed…. I have an excuse! It had the added bonus of my family calling me McGyver since then.  *grumble mutter*

It’s really not that hard. Just unbend the bigger “loop” of the paper clip and hook the fiber with it, draft the cotton to a thickness you can be happy with (mine was somewhere between lace and fingering), then roll the clip down your thigh, presto! YARN! 🙂  It was sort of fun. Although cotton is a short staple fiber and not my favorite, but my families faces were PRICELESS!!! I will do it again this year. Spin cotton that is. Not necessarily on a paper clip though. ;D
I did make a few little necklaces with tiny pouches out of it. Sadly no photographic evidence. I didn’t have a digital camera back then. (Didn’t have ANY camera back then) And I did end up giving them away.

Ok back to the actual reason for the post. I am contemplating next years journey for myself. I have chosen to only knit with handspun by me yarn, as you all know by now. (well at least my private projects, the made to order will be made with whatever yarn you guys want!)

I am trying to find fibre supplies that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. (I have a few bunches of fibre on the way already and have a few other suppliers lined up, but hey.. my wallet has a hole when it comes to putting in money! It runs out the bottom as soon as I put it in)

Now that you know for my knack of improvising, I was doing laundry the other day…So there I stood in front of the dryer, emptying out the lint trap… wait a minute! This almost feels like cotton! Hmmmm….. Where’s my paper clip????

Off I went. I have to say: I dislike it. I will not do it again! It is dusty and VERY short staple length LOL Not worth the effort! 🙂 And to be honest: Who wants something MADE out of dryer lint? (Other then in Spring for birds for their nests, or packing material, I can’t think of another reason to save that stuff…)

I know you’ve been wondering what it looks like, so, here are pictures of the dryer lint fibre:

orry about the crappy pic. Aparently I now have a camera and even TWO programs to make pictures better, but can't be bothered to use either one! LOL

Not on a paper clip this time! O.O But a Shish-kebab stick! Because as we all know: anything is better on a stick! 😀

Not one of my favourite things to do, but it is entirely possible! Now I can say I did it and let it be good! LOL

Just thought I share!

What is the most fun spinning/fiberarts story you have to offer?


7 thoughts on “What is the strangest thing you ever spun?

  1. You have to be the most imaginative, creative, energetic, wonderful person I know. Everything you write amazes me….
    Although I don’t spin, you sure make it tempting to try…..LOL!!!! I am actually sitting here thinking of getting a cotton ball and paper clip just to try it….If I do, I will let you know.
    Thank you, for another interesting story! 🙂


  2. LOL It certainly isn’t boring around here 😀 YOU HAVE to give spinning a try! It’s FUN! I can hook you up with making your own spindle (don’t have to use a paper clip LOL) Will send you an email with a link! Mmmwah!

  3. Oh wow! I think I remember you telling me about this. Hee. Wow.

    Hmm fun? Not sure but I do have funny.. I was at a friend’s house trying out a wheel she had borrowed. I was spinning some alpaca blend in purple and yellow. I was done with the singles and went to ply the colors together and was going at it full speed. Wondering why the yarn wasn’t coming out right.. turns out I was plying the same direction I’d spun. Oopsie. There *is* photographic evidence out there.. somewhere 😉

  4. In Grand Rapids, MI there’s a yearly contest called ArtPrize and it brings out many entries of varying degrees of quality and uniqueness. One of the entrants my wife pointed out to me was a knit figure whose yarn was made from fibreglass. I’ve no idea how it was spun, or knitted, but it was a little less common than drier lint.

    Your post got me wondering whether one could spin steel wool and knit anything from it. Probably not with human hands.

    • That is indeed strange! And awesome! 🙂 I am sure you could knit with steel wool… you just need some good gloves 😀 I would not want to spin it though… Same goes for the Fibreglass! My parents insulated our attic with it and it was HORRID! so itchy and it got everywhere! O.O It was something else to clean it all out of the rest of the house!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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