Clean crochet

My friend Karen makes soap! Awesome soap! I make soap bags! Awesome soap bags (you didn’t know this was coming???) Anyway, Karen sent me soap and I made bags for it, now we are selling them together! If you want one just email me or leave me a comment here with your email and I will get back to you!
With the economy the way it is, everybody has to save and these little bags help. You can use the soap up to the last bit, by simply sticking in the new one when the old one is only a sliver… No more leftover soap! It also makes soap more tactile for little hands or old folks… very stylish! You can hang them up in your bathroom and every family member can have one in their own favourite colours, so no more mixing up the soap! ;D  LOL

Handmade coconut butter soap! SO YUMMY for your skin!

Handmade little bag, to help exfoliate and lather up. Between the ex-foliating and the cocoa butter, you will have skin like a peach.


It’s just the best! I am using one of the soap bags myself and LOVE IT! Mine is the same as the little red variegated one. It is NICE I tell you! the rest of my family has one each too. DH loves it. Yes! This makes exfoliating MANLY…. 🙂 SO if you are looking for a stocking stuffer GRAB ONE! Once the handmade soap is gone, buy more from “plain Jane” as Karen’s store is called, or refill with any of your favourite soaps.. (store-bought fits as well)

Squeeee I love the net look on the soap!!! Soap in fishnet stockings! Oh lala! 🙂

The green one is made from Auraucania yarn (made in rural Chile by co-ops, so you will help out folks!) The yellow one is organic cotton and the the red variegated one is sock yarn (superwash wool), the tie strings are acrylic yarn (can be substituted for hemp string if you like)

Pricing is $12 per bag puls S&H,  if you take all three it goes down to $10 each plus S&H

Yes, I know.. a bit of self-promotion! But this is my blog and I’m allowed! LOL Just thought I give you guys the first dibs, before I put them in the shop!  🙂 More to come!

ETA: These three are gone, but leave me a comment if you want one and I will custom make one for ya. I also will have more done in a few.. need more soap first. 🙂


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