Made a few more

of the little soap bags! 🙂 YAYYY! Just need soap to put in! If you like them just like this and want them empty to fill with your own soap, or to use as little gift-bags, you can have one for $7 plus S&H… 🙂 (just leave a comment here, or email me : ramblingdesigns[at]gmail[dot]com)


Let me know in the comments with your email and I will get right back to you! 🙂

The first one (the peach coloured one) on the right is bamboo/merino, the next two from the right are acrylic sock yarn, but OH SO SOFT, the orang-y/yellow one is organic cotton again! Lovely to work with!

I also have one of my patterns up for auction! YESSS! The blue jeans lace leaf shawl pattern! (no, I could not come up with a longer name…) Right here! This is the cheapest way to get it yet! Once my new shop goes up, all my patterns will go up to $5.99 (I have to make some money folks… so sorry!)

Now I’m going to knit! Something completely else! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Made a few more

  1. I love these!!!!!! They are perfect for soaps and my granddaughters will love to find these in their stockings at Christmas….Yayyyy!!!! One purple, one pink, two blue, one lavender….send me an email, with total cost including shipping….Thank you!!!! Yes, I know….I only have three granddaughters, but my daughters will be wishing they were my granddaughters if I don’t include them too. 🙂


Happy to hear from you! :)

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